Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once upon a time in America

Blossom Restaurant, 103 Bowery, New York, 1935.
Pennsylvania Station, NYC, 1962.
“Greenwich Village, New York City”, by Andre Kertesz, June 1966.
Hindegburh, Manhattan, 1936.-1937.
New York skyline, André Kertész, 'Chimneys', 1943.
 Hawksbill Creek Swimming Hole, Luray, Virginia, 1956 .
Car And Church, West Palm Beach, 1941.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Far are the shades of Arabia, Where the Princes ride at noon

Hippolyte Arnoux, Woman with Mirror in studio c.1870.

Lehnert & Landrock, Ouled-Naïl Tunisie, 1905

Allepo Khan, 1930s


Mae Murray, 1889-1965

Le Rendez-vous, Héliogravure originale, c. 1920.

 “Femme de Biskra”, Marie Caire-Tonoir

Veiled Turkish woman, 1870s